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Spooks, Spies, and Private Eyes This Anthology, Just Out In Paperback, Is The Noir Side Of The Famed Harlem Renaissance, A Compendium Of Mostly Excellent, Almost Entirely Unheralded Mysteries By Black Writers Long Before Chester Himes And Walter Mosley, Such Writers As John A Williams And Eleanor Taylor Bland Were Using The Mystery Genre To Make Serious Statements Editor Paula Woods Has Done A Fine Job Of Tracking Down Lost Or Out Of Print Gems

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    Spooks, Spies, and Private EyesEditor Paula L WoodsPublisher Doubleday, 1995The editor, Paula Woods, while doing research for her book, I, Too, Sing America The African American Book of Days, discovered a novel, by an African American author she had not heard of, Rudolph Fisher Fishers published, The Conjure Man Dies, in 1932 Woods considered herself knowledgeable of African American literature could not understand how she had missed the book She sought to see what other African American authors and books she had missed As a result she researched and found the stories included in Spooks, spies, and Private Eyes Presented in three 3 parts the book includes older mysteries and political thrillers, and what she calls the new renaissance of African American mysteries Included in older mysteries, besides, Rudolph Fisher are stories by Pauline E Hopkins, George S Schuyler, Alice Dunbar Nelson, Chester Himes, Ann Petry, Hughes Allison, and Richard Wright I am a fan of all these authors.Woods only included two 2 authors under political thrillers These were, John A Williams who wrote The Man Who Cried I Am, and Sam Greenlee who wrote The Spook Who Sat by the Door She provided excerpts from both these books.New renaissance includes twelve 12 authors Walter Mosley, Gar Anthony Gar, Barbara Neely,Penny Mickelbury, and others.I enjoyed the book, which included mostly short stories I found a few authors that I was not familiar with I like to read the whole books and tend not to like when only an excerpt in included.I recommend this book for all who like mysteries and political thrillers.

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    As a lover of anthologies, I was a disappointed in the structure of this collection At the time, I was obsessed with short stories and was excited to add this to my collection WrongWRONG This literary mixtape is such a disappointment because most of the selections are excerpts, instead actual short stories like I had hoped.I do appreciate the section dedicated to Black women authors I hadn t heard of any of them prior to owning this book.

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    Was looking for Spook Who Sat by the Door at my local library They only had this compilation of crime writers who happen to be black, with excerpts from several books.

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    It was okay.

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