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    Although an informative book, Juan Williams Thurgood Marshall is an all too common example of a biography where the strength of the subject is forced to shine through weak writing It is unfortunate that publishers allow the prominence of radio hosts and television pundits almost free reign to chronicle the lives of important historical figures knowing full well that the combination of names will often outweigh the quality of the book.In this case, Thurgood Marshall is not done justice by Williams However, considering there are almost no viable alternatives for anyone researching the life of one of the most powerful black man in American history, we must make due.The chapter on the Justice s political maneuvering Machiavellian Marshall is particularly strong and interesting The period after Marshall graduated from law school but before becoming lead counsel for the NAACP is also a crucial look at the formative part of his legal education Those, I m sad to say, are the only parts that really dive into what makes Marshall tick The reader would be better served by of them.American Revolutionary is by no means a fluff piece or a poorly written work It is however fairly shallow and not the substantive biography that Marshall and the public deserve.

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    Didn t know who Juan Williams was until I read this book about 12 years ago Just a brilliant account of one of the trailblazers of the Civil Rights Movement who doesn t get enough credit in my view Not to mention he was the first African American appointed to the Suprement Court under Lyndon Johnson Excellent book.

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    I have to confess, to my shame, that I never really knew who Thurgood Marshall was until I read Devil in the Grove Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America earlier in the year, in which he represented the Groveland Boys I found the glimpse of his role as chief lawyer for the NAACP in some of the most important civil rights cases fascinating, so when I came across this book I snapped it up to read Having done so, I would say it is a must read for anyone remotely interested in the Civil Rights Movement in America.Thurgood Marshall was involved in almost all of the major civil rights cases of the era, most visibly Brown v Board of Education, that paved the way for the integration of schools He represented African Americans against trumped up murder charges, assault and rape charges investigated charges of racism in the armed forces in Korea and Japan won cases ending segregation on interstate buses, in colleges and universities, in housing contracts and primary elections made the first challenge against the separate but equal doctrine After his career in the NAACP he later appointed the first African American Solicitor General by JFK, and later the first African American Justice of the Supreme Court.Thurgood Marshall was arguably one of the most important figures in the Civil Rights Movement many would argue, and I m inclined to agree after reading this, that his role was as important, if not so, as that of Martin Luther King Jr Whilst King may have lent the movement its Messianic figurehead, Marshall was the one who arguably led the vanguard of change, believing as he did that change in minds and attitudes would necessarily follow changes in law.

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    This is such an excellent biography, and especially timely in light of Obama s election Marshall was a fascinating man who lived in fascinating times As a lawyer, I really liked the legal aspect as well, but think a non lawyer would enjoy it too The author makes history come alive.

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    One of the best biographies I ve ever read Williams perfectly blends research and journalistic flair in this intimate portrait of a giant in the American civil rights movement.

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    Juan Williams writing, while mediocre, sheds light on the life and work of a man who perhaps did the most to dismantle though not completely institutional racism in America The chronological narrative plows through many of Marshall s legal battles, sometimes too briefly, but gives a good overview of many of them Perhaps the book s biggest strength is both its scope it covers his whole life , and the personal stories and battles between Marshall and his contemporaries both inside and outside the civil rights movement , which is incredibly entertaining, like a civil rights soap.The book s best parts where not Marshall s great ability to find and argue historic cases to integrate American society, but the behind the scenes politics he engaged in with everyone from racist southern judges and cops, to J.Edgar Hoover, MLK, LBJ, the Kennedy s he hated Bobby , as well as the NAACP leadership and the civil rights leaders Marshall was quick witted, a hard drinker, jokester, womanizer and sexual harrasser, unabashedly spoke his mind, stormed out of ceremonies even those in which he was being honored , a master politician, and would tell anyone, if they deserved it, to go fuck themselves I have even respect for his life, his work, and his life long commitment to ensuring equality in America after reading this book.

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    Juan Williams does a great job examing that life of Mr Civil Rights Talks of his upbringing in Balti and the effect on his thinking and actions His role in the NCAAP and running the Legal Defense Fund brings out his skill in bring court actions that changed America with Brown versus The Board of Education being one of the 20th Century s greatest legal decision His elevation to the Supreme Court was not without its struggle with many senators from the Old South holding keep postions and trying to knock him down His tenure on the Court was not without controversy especially when the Court became conservative in his later years Marshall was not without his fobiles liked his drink and had fondness for women He would survive in today s culture Overall, glad I had taken the time to read this book and learn about a man who helped reshape America in its society and race relationships.

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    A genuine American hero of the 20th Century, Marshall was a brilliant trial lawyer for several decades before being nominated for the Supreme Court.This book covers it all From his childhood in Balti, through his education, his career as a fearsome attorney and his tenure as a legal giant on the United States Supreme Court.

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    A really great book Interesting, educational, personal This book taught me so much about the civil rights movement and what daily life was like for the average black person of that era Marshall s personal life was not so admirable.

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    Juan Williams did a great job here I was surprised at his competence and literary acumen This said, he told a very compelling and important story Great read.

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