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Deep Sightings & Rescue Missions: Fiction, Essays, and Conversations Edited And With A Preface By Toni Morrison, This Posthumous Collection Of Short Stories, Essays, And Interviews Offers Lasting Evidence Of Bambara S Passion, Lyricism, And Tough Critical Intelligence Included Are Tales Of Mothers And Daughters, Rebels And Seeresses, Community Activists And Aging Gangbangers, As Well As Essays On Film And Literature, Politics And Race, And On The Difficulties And Necessities Of Forging An Identity As An Artist, Activist, And Black Woman It Is A Treasure Trove Not Only For Those Familiar With Bambara S Work, But For A New Generation Of Readers Who Will Recognize Her Contribution To Contemporary American Letters

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Deep Sightings & Rescue Missions: Fiction, Essays, and Conversations
  • Toni Cade Bambara
  • English
  • 22 September 2017
  • 9780679774075

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    This collection, published posthumously, of Toni Cade Bambara s unfinished essays and short stories is at times wildly difficult to read and wildly stunning Of the short stories included, The War of the Wall, Ice, and Luther on Sweet Auburn are my favorites In these, Bambara employs the voice and cultural outlook that make her polished stories works of genius The Lesson and My Man Bovanne are two such stories that come to mind The nonfiction, on the other hand, is all about independent filmmaking, an art form Bambara invested much of her creative energy into during the latter half of her career If you re looking for advice about writing, you aren t gonna find it here If you re looking for biting critiques re literature, you aren t gonna find them here either What you ll get are drafts, at every manifestation, of Bambara s unpublished fiction and essays drafts in all their ugliness drafts filled with grace.

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    The fiction was brilliant but the essays felt too dated to hold my attention.

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    Toni Cade BambaraThere are writers whose prose know no boundaries of genre they write short stories and novels with extreme skill, and many of these writers become legends for their novels and short stories like The Lesson, Raymond s Run, and of this group there are those whose prose is considered spiritual not merely the plot or characters, but the words reach a reader s spirt and bring about an internal change they write novels that causes a soul to acknowledge the commune of ideas, novels like The Salt Eaters , and Those Bones are Not my Child Toni Morrison writes of such a writer From the preface of Toni Cade Bambara s collection of fiction, essays, and conversations, Deep Sightings and Rescue Missions Morrison states I don t know if she knew the heart cling of her fiction It s pedagogy, its use, she knew very well, but I have often wondered if she knew how brilliant at it she was There was no division in her mind between optimism and ruthless vigilance between aesthetic obligation and the aesthetics of obligation There was no doubt whatsoever that the work she did had work to do ix Bambara s writing was spiritual, political, and purposeful, and all three characteristics are abundantly present in Deep Sightings and Rescue Missions In the short story, Going Critical, the plot conflicts around a clairvoyant mother preparing her seer daughter for her death, Oh, girl, don t you know it s the way of things for children to bury elders Bambara 20 Bambara begins the tale with slight tension between the mother and the daughter their spirits are vexed with each other Bambara subtlety informs the reader of their extra abilities, by having them meet others with psychic powers At the end of the story, the exceptional is expected being clairvoyant or a seer is the norm in text opening the reader s mind to what could be Bambara, a writer prior to, during, and after the Black arts movement possessed strong Black Nationalist, and Black Feminist political views editor of the anthology The Black Woman She did not try to separate her politics from her art Morrison, More often she met the art politics fake debate with a slight wave of the fingers on her beautiful hand, like the dismissal of a mindless, desperate fly who had maybe two little hours of life left ix x These opinions are apparent in the essay, Language and the Writer Bambara The normalization of the term minority for people who are not white, male, bourgeois, and Christian is a treacherous one The term, which has an operational role in the whole politics of silence, invisibility, and amnesia, comes from the legal arena It says that a minority or a minor may not give testimony in court without an advocate, without a go between, without a mediating someone monitoring the speaking and the tongue which is one of the many reasons I do not use the term minority for anybody, most especially not myself Here it is quite clear that she is speaking to the collective consciousness of the era, no one should think of themselves as a minority as less than a white, male, bourgeoisie, Christian Another story that is extremely strong with purpose is Luther on Sweet Auburn In this tale, Bambara introduces a one time protector and lover a man she chose from an established type, a war counselor, a tough guy who was behind the times, and unable to keep up with the present Through him, Bambara warns that the past belongs in the past what was needed yesterday might not fit into today Bambara is a writer s writer her craft is community based and spiritual in message, plot, and prose Deep Sightings and Rescue Missions is the work of a writer who has something to say.

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    SIX WORD REVIEW Bambara opens doors, Harlem and world.

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