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Gospel Choirs: Psalms of Survival in an Alien Land Called Home Through Parables And Essays, Derrick Bell Offers An Eloquent Work Of Social Commentary On The Permanence Of Racism Gospel, Says Derrick Bell, And Particularly The Gospel Choir At Its Best, Echoes The Tempos Of The Soul Searching For God S Peace In The Midst Of A Hostile World Just Like The Songs Of A Gospel Choir, The Pieces In This Book Give Voice To The Hardships Faced By African Americans Through Allegorical Stories And Fictional Encounters, Dreams, And Dialogues, It Presents Fresh Perspectives On The Different Issues That Concern Blacks, Such As The Message Of The Bell Curve, The Contract With America, The Media S Handling Of Black Men, And Corporate Greed S Responsibility For Today S Rising White Rage And Subsequent Black Blame Despite Their Tough Subjects, However, These Stories Resound With Laughter And Compassion And A Continuing Theme Of Christian Love Ultimately, Like The Gospel Songs, They Offer African Americans Hope And Direction As They Travel The Racist World They Inhabit

About the Author: Derrick A. Bell

Derrick Albert Bell Jr was the first tenured African American professor of law at Harvard Law School and is largely credited as one of the originators of critical race theory CRT He was a visiting professor at New York University School of Law from 1991 until his death He was also a dean of the University of Oregon School of Law wikipedia

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    Yes, of course, what else can you do when Professor Bell s Annual Gospel Choir is cancelled but dive into his book, Gospel Choirs This book is beautifully Bell, in that it levies sharp critiques of American race relations, rides along on brilliantly creative narratives soaked in socio political argumentation, is accessible to those in the legal profession and far afield, and maintains an overarching commitment to both justice and the beauty of music.The stories are all worth reading, and re reading, and one can t but help hear the choir that begins each chapter resonate through every line.

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