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    I remembered what I had once read in the Richard Wright novel The Outsider, about the tragic protagonist, Cross Damon It was the restrictions of marriage, the duties to children, obligations to friends, to sweethearts, and blood kin that he had struck at so blindly and gallantly But it was in the very restrictions of marriage and of family life that I had gained the greatest sense of freedom and the highest form of liberation For it was through being bound to others that I found that I could lose myself, escape the entrapment of solipsism, cease the restless search for that fulfillment of myself simply through acts of absorption 229 I liked this book It was shorter than I expected it to be, with small pages and large type, but in the end it s substantial than it appears definitely worth a second read, since it seems to work as much by implication as by explication.Though it includes an extended account of Early s infamous run in with the Frontenac police, this is not really a memoir about St Louis It s a interior book, focused primarily on Early s family life and his own perceptions of himself and his relationships with his wife and daughters, often through the prisms of class, race, and gender.

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Daughters: On Family and Fatherhood In This Intimate Portrait Of Life With His Two Daughters, Early Moves Beyond The Myths And Stereotypes Surrounding Black Fathers, Black Children, And Black Families, To Take An Honest, Unsentimental, And Textured Look At Raising His Children With Some Form Of Racial Consciousness