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Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience Ninety Years After WEB Du Bois First Articulated The Need For The Equivalent Of A Black Encyclopedia Britannica, Kwame Anthony Appiah And Henry Louis Gates Jr Realized His Vision By Publishing Africana The Encyclopedia Of The African And African American Experience In This New, Greatly Expanded Edition Of The Original Work Broadens The Foundation Provided By Africana Including Than One Million New Words, Africana Has Been Completely Updated And Revised New Entries On African Kingdoms Have Been Added, Bibliographies Now Accompany Most Articles, And The Encyclopedia S Coverage Of The African Diaspora In Latin America And The Caribbean Has Been Expanded, Transforming The Set Into The Most Authoritative Research And Scholarly Reference Set On The African Experience Ever Created More Than , Articles Cover Prominent Individuals, Events, Trends, Places, Political Movements, Art Forms, Business And Trade, Religion, Ethnic Groups, Organizations And Countries On Both Sides Of The Atlantic African American History And Culture In The Present Day United States Receive A Strong Emphasis, But African American History And Culture Throughout The Rest Of The Americas And Their Origins In African Itself Have An Equally Strong Presence The Articles That Make Up Africana Cover Subjects Ranging From Affirmative Action To Zydeco And Span Over Four Million Years From The Earlies Known Hominids, To Sean Diddy Combs With Entries Ranging From The African Ethnic Groups To Members Of The Congressional Black Caucus, Africana, Second Edition, Conveys The History And Scope Of Cultural Expression Of People Of African Descent With Unprecedented Depth

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    The ultimate reference book for anything and everything African I ve given copies as giftsto my family.

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    A Dream Deferred Made RealScholars Kwame Anthony Appiah and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., paid homage to the great W.E.B Du Bois dream to produce an encyclopedia cataloguing the achievements and history of the African Diaspora with the publication in 1999 of the massive 2,095 page AFRICANA THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE AFRICAN AND AFRICAN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Appiah and Gates duly acknowledge Du Bois many contributions to history, literature, and the struggle for human rights around the world with their dedication of the book to him, a regular encyclopedia entry on his achievements, and an interpretation by Cornel West of his historical significance While AFRICANA is exactly what the title implies, it is also quite a bit The book itself represents a major achievement of publishing technology What Du Bois was not able to accomplish by sheer brain power and intellectual camaraderie, Appiah and Gates achieved through developments in modern communication technology, the computer, and a global team of dedicated intellectuals The scope of AFRICANA encompasses literature, religion, music, dance, sociology, politics, and, above all, history In reading the book for pleasure or referencing it for specific topics, one realizes just how much of the African American and African experience has shaped and defined the greater modern human experience Poet I Am Aberjhani Author of THE WISDOM OF W.E.B DU BOIS And ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE HARLEM RENAISSANCE

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    I think this is a really great reference book for the African Diaspora.

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    This author was on BookTV and elevated my attitude about reading an encyclopedia I hope someday I can read this whole 5 book or volume.

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    Everyone must read this classic piece of work which relates our story from Africa and beyond.

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